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The Tanning Centre Horsham sunbeds are brand new with new technology, so, YOU CAN NOW TAN FOR LONGER.

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The Tanning Centre Horsham sunbeds are brand new with new technology, that is kinder to your skin, so you can tan for longer allowing your body to produce more tanning cells resulting in a deeper, longer lasting tan.

Our fabulous new Horsham sunbeds have a combination of BLUE ACTIVATING LIGHT to speed up and intensify your tan and, in addition, RED LIGHT technology to boost your collagen, aid blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

What’s more, there’s no need to book an appointment because we love walk-ins. So, come in today to relax and enjoy the next best thing to sunshine!

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” The sunbeds, staff, shop and service is second to none! “

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ERGOLINE is the global market leader in tanning equipment with state of the art tanning technology because your skin deserves the best.

It’s easy! First, come along to our Horsham sunbeds salon for a warm welcome. Second, grab a great deal on our discounted courses. Third, grab a sunbed lotion because you’ll get so much more from your tanning session. Finally, enjoy some quality, undisturbed, me-time on our amazing new sunbeds resulting in the gorgeous tan you deserve.

ALSO, CHECK OUT OUR SPECIAL OFFERS ON COURSES. In fact, you can share a course with a partner or friend.

A deeper, longer lasting tan

No need to worry about the weather and trying to avoid tan lines whilst sunbathing in public spaces. Besides, in our salon you can relax in your own private cubicle, on a world class sunbed, listening to music and enjoying quality time to yourself resulting in a deeper, long lasting tan.

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