Responsible Tanning

The Tanning Centre Horsham recommends you build a tan gently so you can find a level that suits your skin type

We promote responsible tanning and have a great reputation for keeping our sunbeds at their optimum performance, so, our clients always get value for money. In addition, The Tanning Centre Horsham Sunbeds are incredibly comfortable with air conditioning because keeping cool enables a deeper, long lasting tan.

As a result of sun exposure, the body produces melanin that makes the skin darker, and then, protects us from burning. Even short bursts of UV light will trigger the body to produce more melanin but this process can take several days which is why your tan will develop gradually.

Session times vary, depending on your skin type. You have the flexibility of increasing your tanning sessions by just a minute at a time. What’s more, to save money, you can purchase a discounted course. Besides, discounted courses can be used for yourself, or shared with a partner or friend. Furthermore, there is no time limit for using one of our courses – have it as long as you need it.

Equally important, why not try one of our SUNBED LOTIONS to increase the colour and life of your tan

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By Law, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to go on a sunbed.
The Tanning Centre takes a professional approach to responsible tanning.

No under 18's allowed in the salon

Responsible Tanning Facts

Safer Sun = Better Tan
Controlled sunbed sessions for your skin type help you develop natural protection (base tan) to minimise the risk of burning

Vitamin D Boost = Potential Health Benefits
Sunbeds can help boost Vitamin D levels by 40%. Vitamin D helps prevent heart disease, strokes, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis and helps stimulate the immune system

UV Light = Treatment of Certain Skin Conditions
Sunbeds can lessen acne, eczema and combat psoriasis by slowing down abnormal skin cell growth

UV Light = Happy Hormones
Light therapy stimulates natural, chemical-free endorphins that make you feel happier and can help ease the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder)