World leading sunbeds with the latest UV and LED technology. In addition, there are multiple innovative comfort features, for maximum relaxation, resulting in outstanding tanning results.

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Vitality Fusion 50 &
Sunrise 7200 LED Sunbeds

Fusion Technology looks after the skin and guarantees particularly deep and directly visible tanning.

Blue Activating Light LEDs prepare the skin and intensify the results of your tan. Equally important, Red Radiance LEDs look after the skin, boosting collagen production, blood circulation and reducing inflammation. Thanks to the LED technology, the tanning performance remains constant at all times. In addition, the unit creates a deep, even tan instead of individual “hotspots”.

This brand new technology is kinder to your skin, so you can tan for longer allowing your body to produce more tanning cells resulting in a deeper, longer lasting tan.

The Vitality Fusion 50 is the flagship model in the Vitality series

Vitality Fusion Sunbed

Ergonomic body shape acrylic for comfort and Smart Control panel.

Air Condition Plus, Surround Cooling is a world first 3-zone automatic ventilation system.

Cinematic Sound with Bluetooth.

Also, enjoy Aqua Fresh and Aroma features as standard.

You can charge your Smartphone, with Wireless Charging, while soaking up the rays.

Sunrise 7200 LED Stand-up Sunbed

The Sunrise 7200 LED

Experience a relaxed open air feeling because of the open ended design.

The new sliding door system allows easy access and a clear view of the brightly lit interior. 

New Surround Cooling PLUS provides head to toe ventilation from three sides.  In addition, these channels also serve as easy-to-reach handles.

Two speakers and a separate, built in subwoofer transform the new Sunrise into a dance floor!

What’s more, Bluetooth enables you to hear the salon music, internal music or music from your own Smartphone.

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